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Ensure your business gets the best possible start

Our success depends upon the success of our clients, and as a result we have a strong interest in business startups. As your business grows our range of services grows with you. At Bhatti & Co, our highly professional team will work with you and advise you on everything from drawing up an initial business plan, right through to setting up a universal payroll system. We offer a close personal service during the early years of growth when expert financial help is essential to ensure future viability.

  • Advising on the structure of your business

  • The formulation of your business plan

  • Tax planning

  • Remuneration structures

  • Advising on your accounting systems

  • The design and implementation of budgeting procedures

Bhatti & Co can assist you with:

In addition to the above we can ensure that you comply with all the necessary legislation relating to the commencement of either an incorporated or unincorporated business. We can also provide advice regarding insurance and employment law.

Making sure you are fully compliant with legislation

To get your business off to the best possible start, call Bhatti & Co in Wolverhampton on

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